Re: [xsl] Optimization Question

Subject: Re: [xsl] Optimization Question
From: Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 06:42:50 -0800
Michael Kay wrote:
Have you tried XSLTC. This basically allows you to apply a compiled
form of your stylesheet in your transformations. Both xalan and saxon ship with XSLT compilers.

I'm asked occasionally whether I plan to do a Saxon compiler - more strictly, a bytecode generator. At present, I don't: I think it would slow down the rate of progress on the product considerably, if only because code generators are notoriously hard to debug. I prefer to spend the effort on improving the query execution strategies, which can produce much bigger potential savings. In any case, I think that for most people memory is more of a constraint than processing speed.

I think this is a good idea. I usually run my app with Saxon and Xalan interpretive(?). I occasioanlly run it also with XSLTC and Resin's compiling processor (which requires much less memory and is the fastest). I really wish I could use a compiling processor (especially resin), but I always fallback to Saxon (its small and fast enough) because it just works and there is always some little problem I run into with compiling processors.


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