RE: [xsl] Matching text nodes with only whitespaces

Subject: RE: [xsl] Matching text nodes with only whitespaces
From: "Andrew Welch" <ajwelch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 16:12:58 -0000
> I am really sorry for all the troubles, but we had some
> whitespace issues with XML Spy.... First I thought that my
> normalizing stylesheet doesn't work properly, but fortunately
> it does. There are interesting things going on, if you decide
> to "pretty-print" your XML documents...
> The problem with normalize-space was the following:
> We first generated FO documents including nodes like
> <marker> '' 13 </maker>
> These documents were pretty printed via XML Spy, so there was
> whitespace
> which we wanted to get rid off (since it was output in our
> PDFs). If we would have used
> <xsl:template match="text()">
> 	<xsl:value-of select=""normalize-space(.)"/>
> </xsl:template>
> we would have got
> <marker>'' 13<marker>
> Or is my understanding of normalize-space incorrect?

Have a look at <xsl:strip-space elements="*"/>

This strips presentational whitespace (whitespace only text nodes) from the
source document, which I think is what you're after.


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