[xsl] Using XML/XSLT for forms in .Net

Subject: [xsl] Using XML/XSLT for forms in .Net
From: Julian Voelcker <asp@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 11:54:20 GMT
Does anyone here have any experience of working with XML/XSLT in .Net?

I have been working on a XML/XSL transformation HttpModule for 
'skinning' the output from my CMS and it seems to work fine rendering 
straight static html from XML data and a series of XSL templates, but I 
have yet to get my head around how to use it to render controls on 
forms and handle postbacks, etc - in the past I have always handled 
forms separately from delivering normal content.

I can handle the XSLT/XML side of things and transformations, something 
that I have been doing for a while, although still learning the finer 
points of XSLT.

At the moment all the content for a page in my CMS is generated as XML 
and then linked to an XSLT and transformed by the HttpModule (similar 
to the old xslisapi filter), which works fine for pages of static 

What I am trying to understand is how to handle forms and postbacks 
whilst still getting the templating benefits of the XSLT.  I know I 
could probably hack things around using the XSLT to generate standard 
html form fields, but would like to work out how to use the asp.net 
controls so that I can take advantage of validation, etc.

It is probably a complete no brainer, but I cannot get my head around 
the logical order of things.

Ultimately I would like to be able to put together a dynamic form that 
could be configured via the CMS admin side of things to email collected 
data or save to a database, but am a long way off from that.

Any thoughts/pointers would be appreciated.


Julian Voelcker
United Kingdom

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