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Subject: RE: RE: [xsl] Two source documents with one stylesheet
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:10:23 -0500
Thanks. I know I must have done this at some other point, but I couldn't find the stylesheet in my archives today with this construction. It seems obvious know that you have been kind enough to point it out. Like when you are looking for something like a ring of keys and you can't see that you already have it in your hand.
Charles Knell
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You can do <xsl:apply-templates select="$doc1/*">, and a template rule that
matches the document element will then be fired. Template rules aren't
specific to a particular document. If you need different rules to process
different documents, use modes.

Michael Kay


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> Subject: [xsl] Two source documents with one stylesheet
> I'm working on a project to produce an FO document. The FO 
> document will have two fo:simple-page-master elements (one to 
> produce portrait output and the other to produce landscape 
> output) and will produce three fo:page-sequence elements. The 
> input consists of two source documents.
> What I hope to do is pass the URIs for these documents to the 
> stylesheet as parameters and use them in two document() 
> functions inside two variable declarations. Creating the 
> variables works without a problem. 
> What has got me stuck is how to use the elements in the 
> documents defined by the variables. Specifically, I can't use 
> a variable in the match attribute of a template and I can't 
> think of a way to accomplish this task without that.
> Do I have to first merge the two source documents, then 
> process them with the stylesheet in a two-pass process, or is 
> there a single-pass solution?
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> Charles Knell
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