[xsl] overriding select in xsl for-each loop

Subject: [xsl] overriding select in xsl for-each loop
From: "Prasad Akella" <avlnprasad@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 17:40:20 +0100

i have a select in my xsl for each loop as given below in a stylesheet Exam.xsl

<xsl:for-each select="Exam/Question">	
----- some statements in xforms
some xsl statements
---- some xforms statements

this  Exam.xsl is an input to another style sheet - xhtml.xsl in which every xforms control in this style sheet is being transformed into an equivalent xhtml control. my problem is that for this Exam.xsl the input is an xml from which this Exam/Question is being brought - called as Question.xml i have imported this xml in my xhtml.xsl using the 

 <xsl:variable name="srcxml" select="document('Question.xml')" />         

i wanted to override the select in the above xsl for each loop and substitute 
Exam/Question with $srcxml//Question before the conditions are checked in my xsl for each loop.

my problem is that iam not able to make my xsl for each change its select at run time thereby the conditions are not being checked and its giving wrong output. can someone please help as to how to overcome this problem

i am not sure whether my problem is clear

hopefully if it is suggest something

with regards,
prasad akella

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