Re: [xsl] Result still indented despite indent="no"

Subject: Re: [xsl] Result still indented despite indent="no"
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 22:52:55 GMT
> If the agreement is not there, then there is a
> problem! I know XSL WG members comprises of people
> from Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, IBM and Mr. Kay himself.
> So its Microsoft vs. all others! MS has already
> implemented a default stripping behaviour for white
> space text nodes in MSXML4(which Mr. Ken Holman, David
> Carlisle and Mr. Kay are calling non-conformant). 


As I stated before, msxsl's implementation of xsl:strip space is
exactly the same as saxon an xalan (and is the only possible one by any
normal reading of the specification, it really is not at all ambiguous.)

The MS XSLT engine is conformant. It is the MS XML parser which removes space
(in what's described as an optimisation) when building the tree. So  it has
nothing to do with XSLT: the space is gone if you inspect the tree with
DOM calls or anything else, it is just unconditionally dropped while

If you search the archives of this list you'll see this is a faq.


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