Re: [xsl] dynamic node access

Subject: Re: [xsl] dynamic node access
From: RQamar <qamar_rahil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 17:32:51 +0000
David Carlisle wrote:

By writing a <SubConcept> node in this form, the output xml file ensures that a <SubConcept> node definitely exists. However, I want the output xml file to have a <SubConcept> node only if

well stick an xsl:if around it that does that test then.

One way I was thinking of coming round this problem is to declare a global variable and then assign it a value locally

XSLT doesn't have separate declaration and binding of variables.
If you have declared a variable it already has a value (and it you can't
give it another one.)

Right, I'll try to resolve my problem this way (provided XSLT has some workaround, that is).

But before I set off just wanted to confirm if there is absolutely no way in which I can create the node <SubConcepts> to be the child node of <Top> instead of its default parent <PrimeConcept> (as its being created within the <PrimeConcept> template) ?


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