[xsl] TD and input box values in XSL.

Subject: [xsl] TD and input box values in XSL.
From: Adam_Wetch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 16:57:24 -0800
I was wondering if its possible to pull a value from a TD (populated using
<xsl:value-of...>) for the purposes of showing that value in an input box.
Essentially I have a table of data (XML loaded using javascript), and when
a user clicks on a row, the data is shown in the table below for editing

The TOP table is populated like so:

<xsl:template match="Data_Table">
            <tr id="trTemp" name="tr">

                  <td id="td0">
                        <xsl:value-of select="DATA1"/>
                  <td id="td1">
                        <xsl:value-of select="DATA2"/>


and so on...
There is a header row not included here.
The bottom table is populated like so:

                <input id="iName"
                 <input value="{???????}"/>


What I would like to do is pull the data from the TD and put it into the
input marked {???????} when the user clicks on the row in the top table.
I can do it with a data island and javascript, with recordnumber and the
navigation code. But cannot figure it out with XSL values. The answer lies
within the XSL and javascript, i can feel it. heh  Thanks for any help.

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