Re: [xsl] Chunking xml into single-topic docs

Subject: Re: [xsl] Chunking xml into single-topic docs
From: JBryant@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 16:59:47 -0600
In haste, I said <xsl:count> when I meant <xsl:number> (which has a count 
attribute and which I generally use to count things). Mea culpa (to 
continue our Latin fun).

Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services
(presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies)

"Kessler, Marcy" <marcy.kessler@xxxxxx> 
02/25/2005 03:41 PM
Please respond to


Re: [xsl] Chunking xml into single-topic docs

To All:
Thank you for the help.  To clarify, I actually want to create unique
file names by attaching a number to each file created.  Is the best
method for doing this <xsl:count> as both David and Jay suggested?
Michael, would your suggestion of using something like
href="chap{position()}" be a better way to go.  If so, why?

(being new to the list, I hope that applying to the list from the digest
follows my original thread correctly - apologies for being a newbie on
all fronts ;) )

Thanks again!

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