Re: [xsl] if then else

Subject: Re: [xsl] if then else
From: JBryant@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:44:14 -0600
The error message indicates that 'Exchanger XML Editor' does not have an 
XSL2.0 processor. It indicates that it is using Saxon 6.5.3, which is an 
XSL1 processor. Thus, the if-then-else construct is not supported by your 
XSL processor. Perhaps you can configure the 'Exchanger XML Editor' to use 
Saxon 8, which is an XSL2.0 processor.

And it was definitely the error message that made the problem apparent.

Jay Bryant
Bryant Communication Services
(presently consulting at Synergistic Solution Technologies)

RQamar <qamar_rahil@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
02/28/2005 11:40 AM
Please respond to


Re: [xsl] if then else

Im using the latest version of the 'Exchanger XML Editor'. I assume it 
has an XSLT2.0 processor as Ive used tags such as :
<SubConcept id="{@id}" name="{@name}">
which I believe are version 2.0 compatible.

The error message I get is not very informative but Ive pasted it below 


[SAXON 6.5.3 from Michael Kay] Starting transformation ...
ERROR: Error in expression if(OBJECT-SLOT) then OBJECT-SLOT/@name else 
DATA-SLOT/@name: Unknown system function: if; SystemID: 
file:/C:/Samples/Processor1.xsl; Line#: 31; Column#: -1

FATAL ERROR: Failed to compile stylesheet. 1 error detected.

Transformation Interrupted!



Michael Kay wrote:

>This is correct in XSLT 2.0. Are you using an XSLT 2.0 processor? What 
>the error message?
>Michael Kay
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>>From: RQamar [mailto:qamar_rahil@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
>>Sent: 28 February 2005 17:07
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>>Subject: [xsl] if then else
>>I wanted to use the 'if then else' clause inside the <xsl:value-of 
>>select="">. I tried doing it this way but its obviously wrong as it 
>>returns an error.
>><Value type="TEXT" ref="{CONCEPT/@ref}">
>>    <xsl:value-of select="if(OBJECT-SLOT) then OBJECT-SLOT/@name else 
>>What would be the right way of writing it or is it incorrect 
>>to have it 
>>inside the select attribute of the xsl:value-of tag?
>>Appreciate any comments or suggestions

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