RE: [xsl] providing intellisense using DTD/schema

Subject: RE: [xsl] providing intellisense using DTD/schema
From: "Aron Bock" <aronbock@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 16:20:53 +0000
Omprakash, you may want to look at the source of JEdit, a java-based editor that provides "intellisense" via an -add-in module. It should give you ideas on how to structure element relationships, and how to display them in a GUI. By intellisense I take it you mean context-sensitive popup help, similar to IntelliSense which I believe is a Microsoft trademark.



From: omprakash.v@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [xsl] providing intellisense using DTD/schema
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 20:42:27 +0530

Hi, Sometime ago there was a consensus here in the list that schema files may be used to provide intellisense support while editing. Can somebody suggest me an algorithm to provide intellisense from either a DTD and/or a schema. Would doing for one (DTD/schema) make doing for the other (Schema/DTD) easier.

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