[xsl] [ANN] jCatalog Software AG announces the availability of XSLfast 2.0

Subject: [xsl] [ANN] jCatalog Software AG announces the availability of XSLfast 2.0
From: Gerd Napieraj <gerd.napieraj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 16:30:48 +0200
We are very glad to announce the release of XSLfast Version 2.0.
The latest release 2.0 is a major upgrade containing many simplifications, strong improvements and lots of new features like:

- Text Flow provides the ability to combine xPath expressions and static text within one element
- Definition of regions for the entire document, also adding of title/tail pages, making the creation of booklets or books easier
- Background image for tables, table rows and table cells
- Organize different layers and sort components into them. Every layer can be set to visible/invisible on the sheet but is still displayed in the PDF

and many more.

Please download your free trial version from our homepage: http://www.xslfast.com
One of the first 1000 downloaders wins an USB MP3 player!

For more information and details about XSLfast 2.0, please visit our homepage http://www.xslfast.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us via support@xxxxxxxxxxx or via info@xxxxxxxxxxx, or by telephone:
in Europe +49 231 3967 0 and in North America +1 510-595-6800.

If you have any specific requirements like OEM licensing, new features, support of other applications or similiar, please get in touch with our sales team.

With best regards,
your XSLfast Team



Tel.:+49 231-3967-0
Fax:+49 231-3967-100


Fon.: + 1 510 595 6800
Fax: + 1 413 487 1814

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