[xsl] Load XSL dynamically

Subject: [xsl] Load XSL dynamically
From: Camaleón <noelamac@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 13:25:51 +0200

I'm not sure about how to achieve this or even if it's an XSL related

I have one XML file (sample):

----<chapter>Chapter 1</chapter>
----<notes>Some notes on this chapter</notes>
----<chapter>Chapter 2</chapter>
----<notes>Some notes on this chapter</notes>
----<chapter>Chapter 3</chapter>
----<notes>Some notes on this chapter</notes>

As <notes> are very long (some of them cannot be printed on standard
sheet) I would like to make a link in order to render the content of
this node in a new XHTML page. For example:

Section 1 (<a href="#">see notes</a>)
Chapter  1 (...)

Section 2 (<a href="#">see notes</a>)
Chapter  2 (...)

Is it possible? How could this be done? How can I store the node value
in a param and then get its content to display in a new
transformation? Can I dynamically perform another transform with a new
XSL file on the same XML?


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