[xsl] can't find error...

Subject: [xsl] can't find error...
From: "Gabriel K" <gabriel.klappenbach@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 23:15:02 +0200
I use the ASP at http://gabbah.no-ip.org/test2.asp
(http://gabbah.no-ip.org/test2.asp.txt )to load an XML  file (
http://gabbah.no-ip.org/mickel/XML/css.xml ) and transform it with an XSL (
http://gabbah.no-ip.org/mickel/XSL/PC/pc-templates.xsl , which includes
http://gabbah.no-ip.org/mickel/XSL/PC/css.xsl ).

I do the transformation using IXSLProcessor. But the result is just a blank
page, as if no element was matched in the XSL. In XMLSPY it transforms fine,
as well as when I assign the XSL manually in the XML file. But not when I
try it through the ASP... any idea why??



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