Re: [xsl] Passing a variable number of parameters or rather an array

Subject: Re: [xsl] Passing a variable number of parameters or rather an array
From: António Mota <amsmota@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 15:54:50 +0100
If i remember correctly, i've done some passing by using a node
constructed in, and passed by, Java without any problem.

Then in Javascript i couldn't pass a node to the xsl, so i've passed
as a string and the use substring(...) cause the length of the
individual "parameters" is equal. Then theres the problem of iterate,
if you have a fixed numbers of  individual "parameters" you can use
something like creating a dummy node-set with that number (say three)


and then use a xsl:for-each on it and access the parsed strings in it.

Probably i didn't explain myself clear, i'm not a expert neither in
XSL neither in English.

If you want i try to clarify with a example.

On 4/20/05, kent <kent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Also a good idea, but do I have to go and save the xml as a file, is there
> no way of passing in the it in also as a parameter, performance is not a
> huge issue, but I wouldn't mind saving a bit of disk latency.
> More importantly how do I do array/string[1] in some sort of loop, sorry I
> am very new to xslt.
> thanks
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> Subject: Re: [xsl] Passing a variable number of parameters or rather an
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> >>>>> "kent" == kent  <kent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     kent> I have had a trawl on this subject, but I the best answer I
>     kent> can get is 'You can pass a nodeset, which can be treated as
>     kent> the XML equivalent of an Array'.  However I am not sure how
>     kent> to create the nodeset, pass it, and then deal with it in the
>     kent> stylesheet.
>     kent> I would like to pass an array of strings to the
>     kent> stylesheet. Does anyone have an example of doing this, or
>     kent> know where one is. I looked at xalan examples and none of
>     kent> the examples seem to fit, plus I can't find one anywhere
>     kent> else.
> The details of how to pass stylesheet parameters to a transformer is
> specific to the particular XSLT processor.
> But there is a portable (*) way of doing what you want to do:
> Create your array as an xml document: e,g.:
> <array>
>  <string>string one</string>
>  <string>string two</string>
> </array>
> Then pass the URI of this document as a string-valued parameter, and
> use the document() function to access the array.
> Now you can use XPath expressions such as array/string[1] to get the
> first string-value from this document.
> (*) assuming that all XSLT processors allow you to pass a
> string-constant as a parameter.
> --
> Colin Paul Adams
> Preston Lancashire

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