[xsl] Parameter Manipulation

Subject: [xsl] Parameter Manipulation
From: jeb501@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:38:42 +0530
Hi All,

I am having an xml file, from that I want to capture whether  all 
operations/activited are 

completeted or not using xsl.

could anybody help me to solve this.

here the operation completion is indicated by op1,op2,op3 with value "1"

and if it is "0" , the activity is not completed.

and some nodes have  one or two operations only. 

<op op1="1" op2="1" op3="1"></op>

<op op1="1"></op>

<op op1="1" op2="0"></op>

<op op1="1" op2="1" op3="0"></op>

<op op2="0"></op>


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