RE: [xsl] Passing params problem.

Subject: RE: [xsl] Passing params problem.
From: "Touchtel" <omprakashv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 23:17:34 +0530
         Adding to Mike's observation, the $templates will not contain a
 and so $templates//bbwps:navigationMenu-any may not be the right xpath
expression. This is ofcourse based on the xml that was posted and may not be
valid if there was a typo. But otherwise it did appear that there was a
problem in getting the template for bbwps:navigationMenu-any to receive the
currentPage param.
	BTW, I modified both the source xml and xsl quite a bit to get them to work
and therefore not including them here.


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Subject: RE: [xsl] Passing params problem.

>This apply template with the $currentpage param to the
>bbwps:navigationMenu-any in the templates.xml (look code above)

The extract you've shown us doesn't have an element called
bbwps:navigationMenu-any. I don't know if that's your error, or if it's just
a slip in trascription; but if the latter, it makes it rather difficult to
give you any help.

Michael Kay

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> Subject: Re: [xsl] Passing params problem.
> Me again, I still can't solve the problem...this time I have the
> problem more identified so I'll make the email much more short,
> because is obvious that nobdy have the time to read all my source
> code.
> here is templates.xml:
> [...]
> <bbwps:navigationMenu-open>
>  <html:li>
> 	<bbwps:navigationMenu-pageHere/>
> 	<html:ul class="abierto">
> 		<bbwps:navigationMenu-childrenHere/>
> 	</html:ul>
>  </html:li>
> </bbwps:navigationMenu-open>
> [...]
> and here my index.xml
> [..]
> <root open="true" subs="true" subhome="true">
> 	<nome>Ambiti di condivisione</nome>
> 	<id_inter>ambcondiv</id_inter>
> 	<child>
> 		<nome>Servizio Condivisione Anziani</nome>
> 		<id_inter>sanziani</id_inter>
> 	</child>
> </root>
> [..]
> Assume that we are parsing the index, and we are at the <child>
> element, then this template gets invoqued:
> <xsl:template match="child" mode="navigationMenu">
>  <xsl:param name="templates"/> <!-- this param works just fine -->
>  <xsl:variable name="tmpParam" select="."/> <!-- 'save' the current
> node in a variable -->
>  <xsl:apply-templates select="$templates//bbwps:navigationMenu-any"
> mode="navigationMenu">
> 	<xsl:with-param name="currentpage" select="$tmpParam"/>
>  </xsl:apply-templates>
> </xsl:template>
> This apply template with the $currentpage param to the
> bbwps:navigationMenu-any in the templates.xml (look code above)
> The html:li is the first tag, and the strange thing is that this
> template doesn't recieve the $currentpage param, how is that possible?
> I'm using msxml 4.
> I'm desperate, I don't know what else try :_(
> Any tip about that?
> Thanks bye.
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> !!

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