[xsl] Process node set generated by EXSLT tokenize

Subject: [xsl] Process node set generated by EXSLT tokenize
From: Mat Bergman <matbergman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 10:12:22 -0700 (PDT)
I built a simple XSL stylesheet for a css-based
sidebar navigation. The navigation will appear on
several co-branded sites, so each link's XML element
has an attribute that specifies the link's display
status. For example:

<menu name="name" url="" includeSites="0"/>

I use an <xsl:if> statement to compare the attribute
against a "siteID" parameter. If there's a match, then
the link is displayed. A <xsl:for-each> iterates
through each link. No problem.

My project has a new requirmenet. The includeSites
attribute may have muliple, comma-delimited values.
For example: 

<menu name="name" url="" includeSites="17,21,32"/>

I utilized the EXSLT tokenize() template to build a
node set out of the delimited attributes. However, I'm
new to XSLT and I can't grasp how to process that node
set. This is the XHTML that my stylesheet is currently

<ul><includeSite>0</includeSite><li><a href="">Link
href="">Link 2</a></li>...</ul>

What I want is for the node set values to be passed to
an <xsl:if> statement that's iterated by an
<xsl:for-each>, like I have in my single-attribute
version. If this were JavaScript, I would pass the
node value as a variable, but that doesn't seem
possible in XSLT. 

I have examples of my code posted if my language isn't

Is this task even within the capabilities of XSLT 1.0?



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