RE: [xsl] Can not convert number to a NodeList

Subject: RE: [xsl] Can not convert number to a NodeList
From: "Carlos M. S. Bento Nogueira" <cmsbn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 03:00:36 +0100 (WEST)
I believed Michael Kay pointed the solution i'll use(switch to xslt 2.0).
I will be testing if and how i can use xslt 2.0 with apache cocoon 2.1.7.

What i basically wanted was to insert as many <tr> tags as lines and as many <td> tags as columns
between the list elements. I cannot do it neither on form1.xml nor on form1_template_action.xml(here the elements on form1 are called).
The line and column parameters are being passed from form1_template_action.xml
to forms-field-styling.xsl.

Note that i also cannot insert <line> or <row> tabs between elements on form1.xml.

<fd:field id="sexo_opcoes">
<fd:item value="Masc."/>
<fd:item value="Fem."/>
<fd:item value="Other."/>
<fi:styling type="tabs"/>
<fi:group> (each group represents one tab)
<table border="0">
<ft:widget id="sexo_opcoes">
<fi:styling list-type="radio" list-orientation="horizontal" line="1" column="3">

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"....>
<xsl:template match="fi:field[fi:selection-list][fi:styling/@list-type='radio']" priority="2">
<xsl:variable name="column" select="number(fi:styling/@column)"/>
<xsl:variable name="line" select="number(fi:styling/@line)"/>

 <xsl:for-each select="$line">
        <xsl:for-each select="$column">

        <xsl:if test="$line&gt;1">
Desired HTML output example:
<table border="0">
	label: sexo

Thanks for your support and time,

On Sat, 11 Jun 2005, Aron Bock wrote:

Carlos, you may want to include the relevant snippet of your input XML, desired output, and your calling environment since you say " this variables are numbers that must be passed to my xsl file."



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