[xsl] support for exslt:document?

Subject: [xsl] support for exslt:document?
From: Emmanouil Batsis <Emmanouil.Batsis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 11:48:17 +0300
Dear all,

I'm working on an old code generation tool (well, an Ant task to be exact) of mine; it uses XSLT to process XML files describing entities and output java sources etc. One new requirement is that the XML files may contain more than one entity definitions, so i'll need to output multiple files from a single source. Instead of checking out the extentions for a specific processor, i thought it would be better to use JAXP and exslt:document but the docs for that only mention libxslt as an implementor so... which java-based processors support exslt:document? Is trying to be interoperable here actually worth the extra effort?



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