Re: [xsl] level of the next node

Subject: Re: [xsl] level of the next node
From: "Silvia Liberto" <SLiberto@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 18:34:47 +0100 (MET)
>   The variable next_level dosen4t contain the number of the next level.
> Can
>   someone give me a tip where the problem is?
> presumably
> doesn't select what you expected it to select. 
> Since you have given no indication of what your input document looks
> like, it's not possible to give any advice on how to change it.
> David

yes sorry, my input document looks like this:

		<w:pPr><w:pStyle val="Ueberschrift1"></w:pStyle></w:pPr>
		<w:r><w:t>Titel 1</w:t></w:r>
		<w:pPr><w:pStyle val="Ueberschrift2"></w:pStyle></w:pPr>
		<w:r><w:t>Titel 1.1</w:t></w:r>


and i want that the variable "level" contains 1 from val="Ueberschrift1" and
the variable "next_level" should contain 2 from val="Ueberschrift2".

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