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Subject: Re: [xsl] for-each-group
From: thomas.maciejewski@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:54:46 -0500
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> Originally I was not doing the != Internal and it seemed to work grouping
> by the saxon:evaluate($sortColumn1) field.    Ahh do I need to get the
> value of that field?

have you declared the saxon extension namespace?
If not any calls to saxon:zzz will be an error.

It's hard to give any other advice without seeing your input document
and some indication of the transform you are trying to achieve.
Are you sure you need an extension function at all?

assuming you have saxon: namespace declared your grouping key


will be either true() or false() depending on whether the XPath
contained in the the variable $sortColumn1 evaluates to the string
'Internal' so you are going to have at most two groups. One for true()
and one for false().

                  <xsl:variable name="group1" select="

this variable will be true() or false(0 and that's what you pass as the
tradeType parameter.


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