Re: [xsl] Encoding problem or what else?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Encoding problem or what else?
From: "Ted Henry" <ted.henry@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 10:47:23 -0500
Hello Flavio,

You mentioned in your post some performance problems you've been
experiencing with XMLSpy 2005's XSLT processor.  I wanted to let you
know that we've made significant performance increases in our core XML
engine in version 2006 Service Pack 2, which yields performance gains in
XSLT processing, since our processor is schema-aware.

We've also re-packaged our XSLT 1.0 and schema-aware 2.0 processors,
schema-aware XQuery 1.0 processor, and validating parser together into
one engine, AltovaXML v2006, which is a royalty-free download that you
can get here:

AltovaXML v2006 is based on the same core XML standards engine that
powers XMLSpy 2006, so if you have our support and maintenance package
you can upgrade and give it a try.  If not, you can at least use
AltovaXML v2006 as a stand-alone run-time processor.

If you try this version and your situation doesn't improve, we'd like to
help figure out why.  Please contact us here:

By the way, XMLSpy can work with files based on just about any encoding
(including the more exotic flavors, such as Shift-JIS, GB 2312, Big-5,
EBCDIC, as well as all ISO-8859-x dialects).  You may also open a file
based on one encoding scheme, and save it as another.   Simply open the
file and set the File->encoding property to whatever encoding you want
and save it again.  XMLSpy will also automatically strip BOM's from
UTF-8 files.

Ted Henry
Altova, Inc.

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