[xsl] TransformToFile does not work?

Subject: [xsl] TransformToFile does not work?
From: "Willemsz, Mervin" <Mervin.Willemsz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 07:16:05 -0700
Hi all,

Im trying to convert a xml and xsl to an output file.
All the parameters (CString, CString, CString, XalanHandle) are valid.

But the last funtion:
ExecTransFormer(xml, xsl, outfile, Xhndl);
Returns to me -2, and the output file did not come out.

Does anyone know what -2 means and what is going wrong?
Below the code that I use in MFC C++ 6.0.

    // exec transformer
    typedef int (*ExecTransForm) (CString, CString, CString,
    CString xml, xsl, outfile;

    xml = "C:\\Xalan\\screen_about.xml";
    xsl = "C:\\Xalan\\screen_about.xsl";
    outfile = "C:\\Xalan\\screen_out.html";

    ExecTransForm ExecTransFormer =
       (ExecTransForm)GetProcAddress(XalanLib, "XalanTransformToFile");

    int i = ExecTransFormer(xml, xsl, outfile, Xhndl);  // gives me -2


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