[xsl] Newby XSLT symbol question

Subject: [xsl] Newby XSLT symbol question
From: "Mark Wilson" <drmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 07:16:17 -0500
I am brand-new to XSLT and have encountered symbols associated with variables for which I cannot find a definition. I tried the archives, but could not figure out how to search for symbols. I am trying to learn from Jeni Tennison's XSLT 2.0. She says on page 236, "...you can refer to that variable's value within another XPath expression using the variable's name prefixed with a dollar sign ($)." OK, that's clear, but what is the '@' sign used for? For instance, at the top of page 237:
<xsl:if test="@rating > $minRating">
Are there other such symbols and where do I find them defined?

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