[xsl] How do I not ignore whitespace when sorting?

Subject: [xsl] How do I not ignore whitespace when sorting?
From: "Mark Wilson" <drmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 10:29:12 -0500
Thanks for all the help with my previous question. This is my first week with XSLT, so please forgive my not knowing where to look. I have tracked down many comments on sorting, but failed to find one to answer the following.

I am trying to sort a library subject catalog. I finally realized that the default <xsl:sort> was ignoring whitespace within the value of the element. The order I get is:
Catalogs. Austria
Catalogs -- Zepplins

when I what I want is:
Catalogs -- Zepplins
Catalogs. Austria.
( for the *space* at the end of 'catalogs ' to file before the *period* at the end of 'catalogs.'

I was able to demonstrate to myself that white space is ignored when I inserted a *space within* the word 'cat alogs' and still got this result:
Catalogs. Austria
Cat alogs -- Zepplins

Since this means that everyone would have serious problems sorting things like "Art tissue" and Artisians", I assume there must be a way.
Can I, and if so how do I, tell <xsl:sort> not to ignore whitespace? Do I need a special external colation?

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