Re: [xsl] JDK 5 XSLTC handling of namespace prefixes

Subject: Re: [xsl] JDK 5 XSLTC handling of namespace prefixes
From: andrew welch <andrew.j.welch@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:07:42 +0000
> So how do I do that, except by writing custom code?
> To clarify: I'm fully aware of I *could* do this. What I am interested
> in are pointers about why the approach I've been using with other XSLT
> engines doesn't work with Sun's XSLTC.

You say yourself:

"So XSLTC is rewriting prefixes, and it seems that
allows it to do so, and generally, the difference shouldn't be significant."

So I guess that answers why the on-disk versions differ, when in XML
terms the two are equal.  I can see your point though, why does this
once processor differ from all the rest, even if it is allowed to...
(maybe a question for its list)

Ultimately comparing two XML files is really hard because the
definition of "equal" is too fuzzy, and varies depending on the data
and what is considered important.  It can't be done using XSLT and
traditional diff tools, so custom code is needed.


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