[xsl] Tool to process a XSL with multiple processors ?

Subject: [xsl] Tool to process a XSL with multiple processors ?
From: olivier.besnard@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 16:03:33 +0100
   I'm looking for a tool which can process one XSL with multiples          
   A good example of this kind of tool for XML Schema is rsXMLtest          
   This program includes several XML Schema validator: XSV, SCQ, MSV...     
   It can validate a XML Schema or a XML instance against a XML Schema      
   with these different validators.                                         
   rsXMLtest could also be used in command lines.                           
   This tool is quite useful to ensure that a created XML Schema is valid.  
   I'm looking for the same kind of tool for XSL.                           
   The user will set a XSL stylesheet and a XML instance in input of the    
   tool, select several included processors (Saxon, Xalan...) then run the  
   The ouput must be the same for all the processors to ensure that the     
   XSL will have the same behaviour in production than in the developers    
   It's also useful that the program could be run in command line to be     
   included in a software factory.                                          
   Do you know if a tool with these features exist?                         
   Thanks for your answers,                                                 
   Olivier Besnard                                                          

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