RE: [xsl] Copy all elemnts but one, not working

Subject: RE: [xsl] Copy all elemnts but one, not working
From: "Haarman, Michael" <mhaarman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 16:34:56 -0600

You still haven't specified your desired output.

> I still have one question.  I am not grasping why imagedata,
> imageobject, and mediaobject are not being stripped out of other
> elements that have an apply-templates call.  My concern is that this
> will cause images to not appear that actually should appear, in other
> trees.

If the empty templates matching those elements are invoked by a match
expression of an apply-templates instruction, they will be discarded from
the output.  There is more to your stylesheet than you are pasting here, so
I can't really answer your question definitively.  When I stick your
templates into a stub stylesheet and run it, I get this output when
test="$delivery_method = 'FULFILLMENT_ITEM_MAIL' " is true:

  <section role="signature">
             FirstName M. LastNameEngineerMy Company

and this when it is false:

  <section role="signature">
    <para role="mcx-Paragraph">
          <imagedata contentdepth="0.9895833333333334in"
contentwidth="4.9375in" fileref="AFELIX_-_SIGNATURE_3-1.png"></imagedata>
    <para role="mcx-Paragraph">FirstName M. LastName</para>
    <para role="mcx-Paragraph">Engineer</para>
    <para role="mcx-Paragraph">My Company</para>

Neither output is what I thought you required.

When posting to this list you will do well to take some time and find an
abstract representation of your problem that presents clearly just the issue
at hand.  Mock up an XML instance that represents the structure you are
having difficulty with.  Build a small, complete stylesheet that
demonstrates your current understanding and provide a example of the desired

Of the three, you've thus far provided only the first.


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