[xsl] dynamic xpath question

Subject: [xsl] dynamic xpath question
From: Duane Gran <duane.gran@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 23:24:22 -0500
I'm using XUpdate in an application where the XPath to the node I'm modifying is stored in the document. For example, my document fragment looks like the following:

                <title>Sound and fury</title>
                <subTitle>my sub title</subTitle>

I'm trying to create an XUpdate variable which uses the data found in /form/xpath. I'm trying the following without success:

<xu:variable name="path-to-node" select="/form/xpath"/>
<xu:variable name="sub" select="concat('/form/document', $path-to- node)"/>

Any advice on this would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Duane Gran

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