[xsl] remembering output

Subject: [xsl] remembering output
From: paul.chubb@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 16:06:12 +1100
      if this is a dumb question please forgive me:-{)=

I have an xml word processing document format that splits stylistic
information into two sets of embeded styles one for paragraph and one for

<pardef id='3' leftmargin='1.0424in' rightmargin='2.5924in'
keepwithnext='true' keeptogether='true'/>
<par def='3'>
            <font style='bold' name='Arial' pitch='variable'
truetype='true' familyid='20'/>

that I am trying to convert to another xml word processing document format
that creates styles including both paragraph and font information in
another location.

<style:style style:name="P1" style:family="paragraph"
     <style:paragraph-properties fo:margin-left="2cm" fo:margin-right="2cm"
fo:text-indent="0cm" style:auto-text-indent="false"/>
     <style:text-properties style:font-name="Tunga" fo:font-size="13pt"

<text:p text:style-name="P1">quickbrownfox</text:p>

The two formats inquestion are Domino XL (DXL) and OpenDocument Format

I have to do something like the following:

Pass 1:

1) scan the text of the dxl file for <par>

2) check to see if the referenced paragraph style and the child font
definition have been emitted before

3) If they haven't emit an appropriate odf style

Pass 2:

1) for each paragraph in the dxl file get the paragraph style and the font
style and find the correct odf style created in pass 1

2) emit a <text:p tag with the correct style name around the text


1) How do I identify a specific odf style either to check if it had been
emited in pass 1 or to generate the <text:p> tag in pass 2.

2) Is there a better way to do this? As a newbie to xslt I have spent a day
looking for an answer with no real luck.

Many thanks in advance


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