[xsl] Parse through a table in XPath

Subject: [xsl] Parse through a table in XPath
From: Dariusz Borowski <d.borowski@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 17:11:35 +0100

Could somebody tell me how is it possible to iterate through these elements:

< table:table table:name="Table1" table:style-name="Table1" >
    < table:table-column table:style-name="Table1.A"  /> 
    < table:table-column table:style-name="Table1.B" /> 
       < table:table-row table:style-name="Table1.1" >
           < table:table-cell table:style-name="Table1.A1" office:value-type="string" >
               < text:p text:style-name="P2" >Table-Head 1< /text:p > 
           < / table:table-cell >


I would like to get all Strings, where the table name begins with: "Table1.*1" or "Table*.*1"

I guess the 'dot' between the string "Table1" AND string "1" is wrong. How can I solve this?

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