Re: [xsl] Online Help for XSLT functions

Subject: Re: [xsl] Online Help for XSLT functions
From: Jon Gorman <jonathan.gorman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 09:36:51 -0600
> >>> Tip: Functions are often called with the fn: prefix,
> >>> such as fn:string(). However, since fn: is the default
> >>> prefix of the namespace, the function names do not
> >>> need to be prefixed when called.

The XPath 2.0 documentation on function and operators explains some of
the details of the namespaces in the first section.  Don't ask me to
explain it though ;).  I'll leave that to some people who've done more
than I have with XSLT 2.0.  (I've poked and prodded it but haven't
used it in any large-scale project yet.)

Jon Gorman

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