[xsl] Remove node after testing for equality using value from external xml document

Subject: [xsl] Remove node after testing for equality using value from external xml document
From: "Evans, Martin Chf Tech " <Martin.Evans934@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 09:02:00 -0000
My apologies Jon

I should have stated that I am trying to remove nodes that have a
HARDWARE_PART_NO = to the corresponding HARDWARE_PART_NO in an external
XML document.

The xsl code snippet:

>             <xsl:when test="self::Row[HARDWARE_PART_NO !=
>                 <xsl:comment>Structural Part No Removed</xsl:comment>

Does test for inequality, my fopar there, I should have said that that
was the template I use to remove nodes non equal HARDWARE_PART_NO exist.
What I think the test should look like is something along the lines of:

>             <xsl:when test="self::Row[HARDWARE_PART_NO != 'Param or
>                 <xsl:comment>Structural Part No Removed</xsl:comment>

This needs to be after the call to the external document or set of

Hope this gives some clarity to my situation.

Martin Evans

Chf Tech Martin Evans
LAIPT FD(Ops) FD(Strike)2a1
Andover (94391) 2270
Civil: 01264 382270

DII email:  DCSA LAIPT FD2a1
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