[xsl] Return one element only

Subject: [xsl] Return one element only
From: Arthur Maloney <ArthurM@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 09:29:15 +0000
Hello xsl-list,

I have a repeating pattern of rows:
    <incomeExpenditureType>Total 1</incomeExpenditureType>
    <incomeExpenditureType>Total 2</incomeExpenditureType>
    <incomeExpenditureType>Grand Total</incomeExpenditureType>
    <incomeExpenditureType>Wages/Salary (PCM)</incomeExpenditureType>
    <incomeExpenditureType>Income from self employment</incomeExpenditureType>

IN XSLT using select="table/row7[4]"

gives me 1000.0000Wages/Salary (PCM)

What do I do? So the select only gives me 1000.0000

Best regards,
 Arthur                          mailto:ArthurM@xxxxxxxxxx

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