[xsl] Separating layout and content

Subject: [xsl] Separating layout and content
From: "Lensch, Thomas" <Lensch@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 07:45:19 +0100

i have several types of documents that i want to display in HTML having
the same overall layout. Doctype specific differences are kept in a
doctype specific stylesheet.

At the moment the following solution works:

1. The doctype specific stylesheet doctypeA.xsl calls
	<xsl:call-template name="doLayout"/>

2. doLayout is imported from layout.xsl and looks as follows:

<xsl:template name="doLayout">
	<!-- e.g. a rather simple snipet of site layout -->
	<table width="100%" cellpadding="3" class="TableRahmenkpl">
		<tr valign="top">
			<td class="TD">
				<xsl:call-template name="navigation" />
				<xsl:call-template name="head" />
				<xsl:call-template name="title" />
				<xsl:call-template name="text" />

3. Each of the doctype specifiy stylesheets holds the above templates
implementing each part of the doctype specific output:
<xsl:template name="navigation">
	<!-- output the doctype specific navigation -->
<xsl:template name="head">
	<!-- output the doctype specific head -->
<xsl:template name="title">
	<!-- output the doctype specific title -->
<xsl:template name="text">
	<!-- output the doctype specific text -->

I wonder whether there is a better way to do this. Any Ideas?

Best regards,

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