[xsl] <ANNOUNCE>Building XML Workflow Applications

Subject: [xsl] <ANNOUNCE>Building XML Workflow Applications
From: "Stylus Studio" <stylusstudio@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 14:27:16 -0500
Hi Everyone,

A new XML tutorial by Dr. Kay was just released, "Buiding XML Workflow
Applications".  Dr. Michael Kay argues that the bulk of the
application logic required for typical XML workflow applications can
be written in high-level XML processing languages, notably XSLT and
XQuery, with individual components linked together in a pipeline
processing framework. By writing the logic in these high-level
languages (rather than say Java or C#), the biggest benefit you gain
is flexibility and adaptability - the ability to change the
application in response to changing business needs. XML gives you this
flexibility in terms of data design; don't lose it by writing
applications that freeze the data structure into Java or C# classes.
Building XML Workflow Applications covers the following topics:

  Modeling XML Workflow Applications
  Choosing a Centralized or Decentralized Architecture
  The Life-Cycle of a Document
  Finding Resources using Directory Services Markup Language
  Writing XML Workflow Applications

You can read this new tutorial here:

The Stylus Studio Team

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