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Subject: RE: [xsl] Complex expression
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:03:19 -0500
This question would be easy to answer if you included the relevant portion of your XML document. Without that, you are gambling on catching the interest of the subset of this list's subscribers who are intimately familiar with the XML format of whatever version of Excel you are using.
Charles Knell
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I am trying to modify existing XSL 1.0 code.
Need to check if the type of the Excel cells in specific column Start_Date
is indeed DATE.

Is that syntax correct?

<xsl:if test='not($row/sht:Cell/sht:Name[.="Start_Date"]/@ValueType="DATE")'>
 ... do something

(doesn't seem to work)

Sorry for the newbie question.

Thank you,

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