Re: [xsl] Attributes and Axis

Subject: Re: [xsl] Attributes and Axis
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 12:19:01 -0400

At 11:58 AM 4/13/2006, you wrote:
Hi all:

I'm trying to navigate thru the attributes of a element, but no
success. Something like

        <xsl:template match="@*">
                <xsl:if test="following-sibling::attribute()">


meaning if there is more attributes for this node...

Right. This won't work since attributes don't have siblings. They have parents, but since they aren't children of their parents, they aren't siblings of the other attributes.

But ofcourse that wont work...

I finnaly made what i want using

<xsl:when test="position()=last()">

This works because when attributes are selected they are assigned a context position, so there will be a last one -- but which one it is, is up to the processor, since attributes are not ordered in the data model.

But what if i need to use axis with attributes? Or there arent't axis
with attributes? If so, how can i refrence other attributes on the
same element?

This is one place where XSLT 1.0 gets dicey. You can say ../@* to get all the attributes on an element, starting from one of them. To get all the *other* attributes, however, you more or less have to use an explicit name test, as in "../@*[not(name()=name(current())]", which is admittedly fairly ugly.

In XPath 2.0 you can say ../@*[not(. is current())] which is a bit better, if not much.

To say more, we'd have to know more about why you're asking.

In general, these limits reflect the "second-class" status of attributes in the XML/XSLT paradigm. Assuming your XML is well-designed, this is mostly a good thing (attributes are easily hidden or ignored, etc.): when something is "first-class" it should be an element. I do understand that much XSLT is written to ameliorate badly-designed XML.


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