[xsl] FO: Non-proportional output with proportional font

Subject: [xsl] FO: Non-proportional output with proportional font
From: Christian Haase <haase@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 00:55:41 +0200
Hi all!

Im producing documents with standard font "Arial/Helvetica" (proportional font). The problem: parts of the document containing tables, created with ASCII characters (like - and |). Unfortunatly, I've no chance to re-create these stupid text-elemtens. Source of the text is given XML, generated on IBM Mainframe with Cobol.
Now I'm looking for a tricky way to process this text-tables, getting a pretty formatted output.
The easiest way is using an non-proportional font like "Courier", of course. But this isn't the solution I'm looking for, cause I dont want to use these ugly font in my documents.
Is there any chance getting a non-proportional output by using a proportional font (e.g. Helvetica)? I know, sounds crazy, but: any ideas?


P.S: Using Apache-Group FOP 0.20.5, Output format is PDF.

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