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Subject: Re: [xsl] generic grid
From: "Jon Gorman" <jonathan.gorman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 09:00:38 -0500
On 5/15/06, viniciuscamara@xxxxxxxxxxxx <viniciuscamara@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm trying to dev a generic gridline using xsl.
How the better way to do this?


This list tends to be pretty active.  If you haven't gotten a response
to a posting typically it could mean a couple of things:

1)  You need to rewrite your message.  It's too hard to understand or
you need to simplify your problem and present it according to the
suggests sent to you in the email you got when you subscribed to the

2)  Nobody honestly knows.  This seems to happen to the folks with
xsl-fo questions on a regular basis.

3) You're off-topic.  Doesn't seem to be true in this case, so I
wouldn't worry about that.

4) You're asking such a basic question people really don't want to
take the time to respond.  This question might be bordering on that if
it just boils down to "how do I pass in parameters"?

5) You're asking something processor or environment specific.  That
narrows down your pool of possible responders dramatically.  Or it's a
question people sense is a processor issue.  This also might be the
case for you if it really just is "how do I pass in parameters".

I want that my xslt receive how xml node will be part of my grid. See the xml below:

<grausDesempenho total=\"2\">
 <grauDesempenho id=\"1\" codGrauDesempenho=\"\" codIndicador=\"\">
  <nmeGrauDesempenho>Venda de cartues</nmeGrauDesempenho>
 <grauDesempenho  id=\"2\" codGrauDesempenho=\"\" codIndicador=\"\">
  <nmeGrauDesempenho>Tempo midio de pausa</nmeGrauDesempenho>

I want to my generic grid receive any xml file and by params I specified
which colums I want to show.

I don't know if you really mean "any" XML file. Do you mean any XML file following some sort of specifications? It's hard to infer from the above any sort of schema or form that the xml follows. Or do you really mean a generic grid, one that could take in any XML document and describe it?

May I pass by param with comma separated what nodes I want to show? (One Idea) Or, is better determine the number max of params to my xsl to construct this?

How to pass to my xsl which nodes I want to process?

Ok, this is a bit confusing.  Parameters are processor-dependent.  You
can pass in parameters, but you need to check your documentation on
how to do that.  Do you want to match on any arbitrary XPath, or just
names, or do you actually want to pass in nodes for comparision via
the parameter?

May I clear? I hope so.

Sorry, I kinda get where you're going, but the details seem a bit muddled.

Look at the FAQ for parameters. You can then do a choose block and produce output based on the parameter input. I doubt you actually want a generic grid. But in case you do look at work like That will take in any document and display it as a tree.

Jon Gorman

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