[xsl] Extreme Markup Languages 2006 Program Posted!

Subject: [xsl] Extreme Markup Languages 2006 Program Posted!
From: B Tommie Usdin <btusdin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 15:00:08 -0400
The program for Extreme Markup Languages 2006 is now available at:

Topics at Extreme 2006 will range from XSLT, RDF, XPath, Ropic Maps,
XML schema languages, overlap, SGML, and metadata to design and
promulgation of tag sets.

Presentations that may be of particular interest to the participants
in XSL-List include:

   "Higher-order functional programming with XSLT
2.0 and FXSL" by Dimitre Novatchev
   "Polemic: DSRL - Bringing revolution to XML workers" by Martin Bryan
   "Streaming component combinators" by Mario Blazevic
   "XMLVS: Using namespace documents for XML versioning" by Harry Halpin
   "Datatypes for XML: the Datatyping Library
Language (DTLL) " by Jeni Tennison

Pre-conference tutorials that may be of particular interest to XSL-List
participants include:
   "Nonlinear Hierarchical Processing: Under Utilized Opportunity" by
      Michael M. David
   "Introduction to XPath 2.0 (for those who know XPath 1.0)" by Wendell A.
      Piez and Deborah A. Lapeyre
   "Introduction to XSLT 2.0" by Norman Walsh


Extreme is an open marketplace of theories about markup and all the things
that they support or that support them: the difficult cases in publishing,
linguistics, transformation, searching, indexing, storage and retrieval,
the things you wish you could do in XML so much that you're thinking of
creating your own markup system. At Extreme, markup enthusiasts gather
each year to trade in ideas, not to convince management to buy new stuff.
Extreme actively seeks controversy, not just the same old applications.

WHEN:      August 7-11, 2006
WHERE:     Montrial, Canada
SPONSOR:   IDEAlliance

General information on Extreme: http://www.extrememarkup.com/extreme/
Registration: http://www.extrememarkup.com/extreme/2006/registration.asp

Extreme Markup Languages 2006          mailto:extreme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
August 7-11, 2006                  http://www.mulberrytech.com/Extreme
Montreal, Canada                          http://www.extrememarkup.com

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