Re: [xsl] Adding targetNamespace to schema

Subject: Re: [xsl] Adding targetNamespace to schema
From: "Jon Gorman" <jonathan.gorman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 08:53:52 -0500
On 5/22/06, Georg Hohmann <georg.hohmann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i'm new to this list and i apologize in advance if my questions has
been covered a hundred times before. But for the lack of a search
function for the list (or was i too blind to find it?) it's not very
easy for a newbie to check this.

Ummm, you mean the archives that are mentioned in the email sent to you and the info page for the list that appears at the bottom of every email that starts a new thread on a list? The search is the first thing you can interact with. Not sure how you missed it. It's above the browse area.

A direct link:

The info page, which also links to the FAQ and other resources is at

Jon Gorman

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