RE: [xsl] xsl:for or xsl:repeat

Subject: RE: [xsl] xsl:for or xsl:repeat
From: "Mark Williams" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 16:03:47 +0100
Hi Jon,

What I am trying to do is very simple.

<xsl:for*****><fo:block font-family="Helvetica" font-size="12pt"
white-space-collapse="false" space-after="0.05pt"><fo:leader
font-family="Helvetica" font-size="12pt" white-space-collapse="false"
leader-pattern="space"/></fo:block><fo:block font-family="Helvetica"
leader-length="36pt"/>Date________________ </fo:block></xsl:for****>

As you can see I have a signature area in a document. I need to have as
many signature areas as there are clients. The XML passes a variable
noofclients which is a simple integer value eg 2. So I need to repeat
the signatire block for the value of noofclients.

It strikes me that this surely must be easy, but beyond that I have no


Mark Williams



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From: Jon Gorman [mailto:jonathan.gorman@xxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [xsl] xsl:for or xsl:repeat

On 5/24/06, Mark Williams <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a function similar to to for-each, but instead I will
> have a value passed from the xml which will be a number and I will
> have to iterate for that number. What I need is:
> eg <xsl:for nooftimes="2">
> or <xsl:repeat repetitions="2">

This is an indication you probably need grouping and positioning, or
some re-working of your XPath.  I'm sure we could come up with some
hacks that would do this, but the better question to ask is what you are
actually trying to do.

Jon Gorman

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