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On 5/27/06, Haarman, Mike <mike.haarman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey all,
> Is there a sense of the list as to the position of the current CR for
> XSLT v2.0 on the path to PR and W3C REC status?  I found a thread from
> late last year regarding the progress of implementations other than
> Saxon which suggested work was under way in several places.
> Reviewing historical precedents:
> XSLT v1.0 (on a less well-defined process) moved from the July 1999
> Working Draft to PR on 8 Oct 1999 and REC on 16 Nov 1999.
> XSLFO v1.0 moved from CR on 21 Nov 2000 to REC on 15 Oct 2001.
> ***
> Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Indeed, some W3C
> initiatives seem to have simply stalled at CR (XML Fragments).  The
> level of inter-reliance between the next generation of XSL and
> Xpath/Xquery WG, et. al. complicates the verification of
> interoperability and completeness.  The November 2005 thread referred to
> development of the XSLT v2.0 test suite as lagging that of the
> comparable XPath/Xquery work.  What is the current status of the XSLT
> v2.0 test suite?
> I am impressed with the performance and completeness of Saxon's
> implementation; I am ready to begin development on a project with a
> 12-month horizon; I have confidence in our ability to manage the
> adjustments we might expect from the CR/PR phase.  I find myself in a
> risk-averse industry.  Can anyone offer a gut response as to my chance
> of returning to the executive group in June of 2007 with the cover of a
> formal W3C Recommendation for XSLT v2.0?
> Thanks,
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