RE: [xsl] Transforming multiple XML files into one file

Subject: RE: [xsl] Transforming multiple XML files into one file
From: "Sreeni Yetchina -X \(syetchin - Pure Solutions at Cisco\)" <syetchin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 07:39:02 -0700
I know one way  but with a limitation(some one in the list may have a
better idea)
Use document() function by supplying the local file system xml document
path in the brackets, it results the supplied XML document as a result
set, and use this results set as a regular result set variable


The limitation that I see, here is.. You need to know how many XMLs that
you are planning to combine before.. Since you can not define the XSL
nodeset variables dynamially at run time.

Hope that this gives some idea..
Good luck,

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Subject: [xsl] Transforming multiple XML files into one file

Greetings List!
I would like to be able to combine several XML files into one large XML
file using XSLT. Currently I have an XSLT that is doing some basic
transformations but I need to take them and combine them. I'm not sure
where to even start. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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