Re: [xsl] formatting issues

Subject: Re: [xsl] formatting issues
From: Abel Braaksma <>
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 22:26:43 +0100
ms wrote:

Can someone please reply to this ? I have been pretyt
frustrated with this problem and would really
appreciate if anyone can help.
Sending your mail three times (of which one with a different header) clutters the list and breaks the threads in the archives. People are answering in there own free time, when they feel fit. Urging your matter is usually not a good idea. Clarifying is, though.

How do I format this to XHTML view. The above XSLT
does not seem to work on this. Thank you for all
your help.

I don't understand your question. It seems that you did the right job. Do you get errors? Do you miss things in the output? Can you provide us with a little sample of what you see now and what you actually expect to see?

If you are missing things, check the namespaces of the data. You say that the input source is created from different input streams. Can you give a small set of xml data of what the final input stream really looks like?

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