RE: [xsl] NAMESPACE_ERR when creating element with namespace

Subject: RE: [xsl] NAMESPACE_ERR when creating element with namespace
From: "Michael Kay" <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 08:38:11 -0000
This is a known bug in Saxon 8.8: see

A source patch is available in the Subversion repository, and a Jar file
that contains this patch and quite a few others is at

I don't recommend this version unless you specifically need these patches,
because it hasn't been through full testing.

Saxon questions are best asked on the saxon-help mailing list or forum at

Michael Kay 

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> From: Patrick Lachance [mailto:patricklachance@xxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: 02 November 2006 02:02
> To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [xsl] NAMESPACE_ERR when creating element with namespace
> I don't understand.
> I am using saxon 8.8 for java and xerces 2.6.1
> This simple example will replicate a XML document by adding a 
> namespace to each nodes:
>     <xsl:template match="*">
>         <xsl:element name="{local-name()}" 
> namespace=http://mynamespace>
>             <xsl:apply-templates/>
>         </xsl:element>
>     </xsl:template>
> I'm stuck with this error:
> Caused by: org.w3c.dom.DOMException: NAMESPACE_ERR: An 
> attempt is made to create or change an object in a way which 
> is incorrect with regard to namespaces.
>  at org.apache.xerces.dom.AttrNSImpl.setName
>  at org.apache.xerces.dom.AttrNSImpl.<init>
>  at org.apache.xerces.dom.CoreDocumentImpl.createAttributeNS
>  at org.apache.xerces.dom.ElementImpl.setAttributeNS
>  at net.sf.saxon.dom.DOMWriter.namespace(
>  ... 132 more
> the problem occurs when the first node is created ... 
> DOMWriter create the attribute xmlns="html://mynamespace" and 
> my Xerces impl throws a DOMException
>  Please help
> Patrick Lachance

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