SV: [xsl] Question about data filter using XSLT

Subject: SV: [xsl] Question about data filter using XSLT
From: "Per Osnes" <per.osnes@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 13:23:32 +0100
Your XML seems to be corrupt:
 <text>Condition 1</height>

If you use this XML:
    <text>Condition 1</text>
      <text>Condition 2</text>
      <img src=""></img>

the following XSLT outputs the contents of the <text> child of the listX
node matching the color parameter:

 <xsl:param name="color" select="'white'"/> <!-- input parameter -->

 <xsl:template match="*[starts-with(name(),'list')]">
   <xsl:if test="color/text()=$color">
      <xsl:value-of select="text"/>
    <xsl:apply-templates select="*[starts-with(name(),'list')]"/>

By introducing more parameters + extending the xsl:if and modifying the
xsl:value you hopefully will achieve what you want.

 - Per.

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Sendt: 13. november 2006 17:28
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Emne: [xsl] Question about data filter using XSLT


I am passing three paramters to my XSLT and based on
these paramters and the corresponsing conditions on
the XML, only the data corresponsing to these
paramters should be displayed.


I have height, weight, color as three parameters which
I pass on th style sheet.

Now, in the actual content (the XML), these paramters
are present as well:

 <text>Condition 1</height>
  <text>Condition 2</text>
<img src=""/>

Now suppose the paramters height, width and color
passed on style sheet have values 2,4 and white then
only content of <list2> and image associated with it
should be displayed. 

How can this be achieved on the style sheet? I ahev
tried passing parameters at template levels but it
does not work. Please do give me some ideas. Thanks in
advance for all your help.

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