Re: [xsl] Find out the existance of an element between 2 others

Subject: Re: [xsl] Find out the existance of an element between 2 others
From: Mulberry Technologies List Owner <xsl-list-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 09:53:20 -0500
At 2:13 PM +0000 11/14/06, Ed Yau wrote:
P.s. how do I reply back to this thread afterwards?

If you subscribe to the regular version of the list (that is, you get each message sent to the list as a separate message) you simply reply to either your message or, more likely, to any messages that were sent in reply to your message.

If you subscribe to the digest version of the list (that is, once a day you get one message containing all of the list traffic for the day) you should:
- write another message to the list with a subject line of "Re: " and
your original subject line. (Which you can easily copy from the
subject line inside the digest of the posting to which you are
- copy only the message (or better yet the portion of the message) you
are responding to into your message, and then write your response.
Please do not use the subject line of the entire digest as your subject line, and do not include the entire digest in your response.

More information on posting to XSL-List is available in the list guidelines at:

-- Tommie

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